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The Facebook group will act as the social Hive throughout the conference (August 4-8th)

  • It’s a general meeting space where you can talk to and ask questions of GBSB teachers and other attendees.
  • Share your lingerie sewing struggles and successes
  • Watch live classes and catch up on any that you missed directly though Facebook
  • Find out about and enter giveaways specifically for conference attendees

You can join the Facebook group as soon as you’re registered but the fun won’t start until August 4th. Once the conference is over we’ll keep the group active for the rest of August so you can continue to share your makes with all the new found bra making knowledge you’ve gained from The Great Bra Sewing Bee.

Join the Facebook Group

Learn how to join the Great Bra Sewing Bee 2021 Facebook Group.

How to join the Great Bra Sewing Bee Facebook group:

The GBSBee Facebook group is a private group exclusively for conference attendees.  You can only join the group through the links here in the Conference Hub. Follow these steps to join the group.

  • Click here to get your Facebook group password. Password will open in a new tab.
  • Click here to navigate to the Facebook group.
  • Select “Join Group”.
  • Enter your password, review and acknowledge the group rules.
  • Submit your request to join the group.
  • Facebook will notify you when your request has been approved.