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We’re so glad you’re here. The Great Bra Sewing Bee team has a special place in our heart for beginners. We have a special lineup of classes, community, and Q&A for beginners during the “Beginner Bee” on August 4th 2021. We also have beginner classes and other opportunities during our virtual conference August 5-8, 2021. Explore below to find out more about our event and scroll to the bottom for some special coupons!

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Sue Folts

I just love helping beginners! I spend every day chirping with joy like a little cricket as I find beautiful fabrics, laces, elastics and tools for you. I am eager to give every budding bra builder the tools, materials and advice that I needed as I began my bra-making journey, and to support every bra builder as they create. I’m enough of an engineer to care very much that what you get works really well. I’m enough of an artist to care very much that it is beautiful. I’ve been working with fabrics and sewing for a very long time, so I choose the best that I can find. I’m excited to meet you and support you on your journey.


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Maddie Kulig

Hi! My name is Maddie and I have a serious love affair with lace and lingerie. I am a 33 year old lingerie designer and sewing teacher who turned her dream of sewing and blogging into a passionate career. On most days, you’ll find me in my studio, located in Philadelphia, designing my next collection or teaching women how to make a perfectly fitted bra. My overarching vision is to provide women with feminine lingerie that is equally beautiful as it is functional, whether that be through sewing their own or buying from the market.


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Lily Fong

Lily Fong, M.Ed. is the owner and lead designer of LilypaDesigns.  She helps people achieve their dreams – of a well fitting bra – through her PDF Sewing Patterns, Blog, Sewing Community, Online Courses and Sewing Supplies. Her patterns pieces are designed to mix and match different sizes to better match individual body shapes while the Instructions read like a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure book.   

Lily has studied multiple drafting methods and strives to help as many people as possible into comfortable bras.  Her love of teaching and penchant for data led to a different method of selecting bra sizes – one that depends on breast measurement instead of chest circumference.  

When not pattern making or interacting with clients, she can be found on various crafting adventures with her 3 boys babywearing the youngest with coffee in hand.


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Monica O’Rourke Bravo

Monica is a self-proclaimed geek, teacher, a mother to two wonderful boys (Ben Michael & Sam). She has a B.A., a B.S., and is credentialed to teach physics, chemistry, and math. Monica’s educational background and experience has allowed her to approach the pattern making and design process from a  very scientific angle. To her, patterns are nothing more than complex mathematical nets and a bra is an engineered structure designed to support mass.

BravoBella combines Monica’s love of science, sewing, and teaching. She considers herself a teacher at the core of her being and hopes to empower her customers through her classes and instructional materials.

Outside of BravoBella and teaching, you can find  Monica spending quality time with her family, training as a black belt martial artist, or hanging with her sewing group over a glass of wine.