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Live Classes

Scroll through to explore all the Great Bra Sewing Bee’s live classes.  Live class links will be available starting August 4th.  Recordings of Live classes will be available as soon as possible after the class is complete.  This process may take up to four hours depending on class length and staff availability. Thank you for your patience.

Zoom Links will be available here in the during the live event.

Beginner Bee Live Classes

Meet the Beginner Bee team and start your journey into the wonderful world of bra sewing!

Let Nikki, DeWahn, and Naomi talk you through your first fitting!  You might have a first bra right now, you might not.  They will cover the most common fitting issues and how to move to the next step.


I got a kit, but I don’t know what these things are.  What makes something suitable? Why isn’t there a common language for materials? Learn all the basics under all these material things in this class with Sue.

Click here to watch class recording.

All Carla knew was that she had a passion for lingerie and she couldn’t find what she wanted in the store. She had never sewn a stitch on a machine. Hear about her journey and ask all those questions about how to jump the gulf between desire and reality in the sewing world.

I have my fabric and my pattern.  I’ve cut it all out.  Now what?  Let Carla teach you how to set up your machine for bra sewing.

What is the difference between a gore and a cup? How do I read these instructions? Learn all about the terms and parts of a bra with Liz.

What is a BCD? How tight should my tape measure be? Where is my underbust?  Let Lily show you how to measure for most bra patterns.

You’ve Finished your first day, and you still have a few last questions.  Ask our panel whatever you still need to know.